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Are you a student?

Are you a student

Are you a student?

What’s the name of your 50OI/C01Iege’?
Do you go to your 5h0oI/coIIege regularly?
Do you enjoy your study?
You live in Syihet, don’t you?
Read the conversation between Kate and her Dad.
K: Hi dad!
D: Morning, Kate. How are you today?
K: Fine. Thanks. A bit tired.
I didn’t hear you come home last night. What time did you get in?
K: About 11.00.
Where did you go?
K: Just round to my friend Beth’s house.
D: There is a letter for you on the table.
K: Oh Where is it from?
D: I don’t know. Open it and see.
What’s the matter?
K: Nothing. It’s from Luis in Spain.
That’s interestIng.
K: He says he’s coming to England soon.
D: Why?
K: Because he’sgoing to study English.
D: Where is he g├žing to stay?
txampjc Questions on TopiCSI
Eating out
Do you enjoy eating out?
How often do you go to eat out?
Have you got a favourite restaurant?
How far is the restaurant from your home?
Who do you like to go to restaurant with?
Do yOU like eating at home more or eating out?
What kind of restaurants IS popular in your Country? Ordina
expensive restaurants?
Do you exercise every day?
Where do you exercise?
How important do you think exercising is for you?
When do you usually exercise?
Do you do it alone or with a partner?
Which sport is a good form of exercise?
What type of exercise is good for aged people?
. Do you live in a small family or in a large family?
What are the some things that you like most about your family?
What kinds of family do you like most?
Do you enjoy living with your family?
What are the some stuff do Youenjoy doing with your family?
Who do you love most in your family?

Do you have friends?
Who’s your best friend?
What are the some things you like most about your friends?
What are the some activities you enjoy doing with your friends?
How important do you think your friends are in your life?
Do you have any special memory with your friends?
What foods do you like most?
What are the some foods you dislike eating?
Can you cook any dishes?
Who cook food in your family?
Do you prefer having your meals more at home or at a restaurant?
When do you like eating a lot?
How do you usually spend your holidays?
What are the some places do you love visiting on your holidays?
Do you like spending your holidays more with your family or with
Do youenjoy your holidays more now than you did as a child?
How do you usually spend your leisure?
Is thereanything particular you like to do in your free time?
I • •
Do you like doing indoor activities more or outdoor activities in your freetime?
Do you enjoy your leisure now more than you did as a child?



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