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Bangladesh is a small attractions



Bangladesh is a small attractions

ngladesh is a small attractions. Only some to us. But there are many countryside that are less-known is one of such places.

Shusong Durgapur has with unlimited naWral destinations are in the green Durgapur of on the to the Garo hills. from here. The landscape. Here the sky, the blue movement of the There is another Someshwari. country but it is gifted of these eye-catching
other areas lying to us. Shusong knOWn remote B in shin
a an amazing landscape. It is located bank of crystal clear Someshwari river and is close You can see the hills of Indian state of Mèghalaya nature has unfolded its glory in this small, rural you can see the ceramic mountain leaning agaInst water of the pictorial mountain-valley, the modest river Someshwari, and the abandoned àoal mines. river here called Kangsa which is also known as old

more they are natural things, tural or herbal re in different ages. turning most mediés Herbal Country, orks too. e turmerj ic, neem of
some aloe vera grandmas give If you have a c, marigold or or turmeric to Read the following text. People around the world medicine. More andcures are made of History says that na
them all along are slowly changing their attitude to natural Cures. often herbs and are nothing new. medicines were towards Naturai plants People Used in Rome civilizations like India, China, Greece, Egypt, and Some ancient treatment systems are still in practice today. They have come down through generations.
For a minor burn injury the doctor may prescribe you a tube

ointment. But for the same, a rural grandma may put or use cold water. If childi’en have cold in our them honey and tulsi leaves to eat..And it w minor cut or wound, grown-ups may put som aloe vera on it. Rural people usually use garl cure skin problems. With experience they
remedies work. Moreover, they are
often are without any side effects. 

A proverb says ‘Health is Wealth’. To keep healthy is to keep free from disease and anxiety. Good health is proper functioning of all body organs. It is also feeling well both in body and in mind. People in good health are active, cheerful and happy. If you are healthy, you canbe happy and can help others in society as well.
To keep in good health we should be careful about hygiene. The rules and practices of keeping good health are called hygiene. We must practise the. rules of hygice. Proper food and nutrition, physical exercise, rest and sleep, cleanliness, and proper medicare are essential for good health.

Last month Bulbul was sick for two days. So,. he could not come to I collect the rubbish. The people of Sankar were in great trouble.
They got piles of rubbish waiting in front of their houses. The whole area became dirty and unhygienic. When Bulbul got well, he came back to Sanker. He collected everything from all the bins. Bulbul does not want to fall sick again. He realises, if he stops working even for a few days only, the whole area will turn into a big dustbin.
Now, ask and answer the questions in pairs.
a) What time does Bulbul wake up?
b) Where do the people of Sankar put their rubbish?
c) Why does Bulbul think that all jobs are important?
d) What happened when Bulbul became sick?
e) What will happen if Bulbul falls sick again?
f) What will you say to Bulbul, if you meet him?
Think of a. person who helps you live well. Write a composition on this person. Now answer the following questions.
a) What does he/she do?
b) What time does he/she start his/her work?
c) How does he/she do the work?
d) Does he/she like the job? Why/why not?
e) What will happen if he/she stops working?
f) What do you think about his/her job?



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