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But vi11 such schemes ever be irnpIernnted?

But vi11 such schemes ever be irnpIernnted


But vi11 such schemes ever be irnpIernnted? Gnera1Iy speaking, those who are mos cautI0

- Even in the. research* Angel says that the h5 plan is
about geoengineering are. scientists into
. ,. nt so1ution’. Andr Phij Rch
substitute for deve1opir renewable energy; thç on1>perm,ane
the US-based PadificNorthwest National LabOratoryis et4a1Jy guarded about the role of ge0 engineering: I think all’ of us’ agree that ifwe were
to end geoèngineering on a given day, t
. .
. S d àndit1dn very ?idIy4and probably with
. C
the planet would to its preengineerè
twenty years. That’s èertainly something to wàrry about.
The USNatjorial Center for Atmospheric Researcfjhas alrèadysuggested that the proposal

. the atmospherernightaffecr raii%fiulI patterns carb;thefropics and the to inject slip 
hur Into
Southern Ocean ‘Geo-engineering plans p inJect stratópheric ao*o1’ dr o seçd clouds WOUJ(

act to cool the planet, and act ‘o. increase •tI1 exteñt:bfsëaice, says alithe models
suggest Some impact ?‘‘ the disti, Ibuti0 àfprecipitation, 

A further risk with geoengineering project is hàt’ you can “oretshdot : ‘ says Dr Dan

Lut, from the Unjersj of Bristol’s School 4°f Geophy1c’Sjencës, whb hs studied the
. a
likely impacts of the sunshade and ‘roso1 schemes au the clinic. ‘You rpy bang global .. temperatures back levels, but the risk is that the poles i11 still be warmer than
. they should be and the tropics will be coo1rthan. before indüsridjsatjon TO avoid such a scenario, Lu says Mgel’s project would verb. Operate an of strength; all àf which reinforce.
 the need for
his View that the best option is to avoid
The main reason why geoengineering i support by many in the sèiefltific’communj is that most researchers have little Faith in the abi1jt, of poli ti agree and the bring in the flecessa carbon cuts. Ev leading cpnseatjon organisj05 see heva1ue df investigating the
According to Dr. MartinSomérkorn, climate change advisor for the World WjjdIjk Fund’s Inernatjàn Ar1c Progam ‘Humafljflàed climate change has brought anjt0 a Position here we shouldn’t x1udethinjng thoougni abOut this tOpic and its POssibilities.’


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