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Delivery Services and ask them to help you

Delivery Services and ask them to help you

Delivery Services and ask them to help you.

details ready to give them.
a receptioniSt at Express Delivery Se
ephone. Connect the customer to the correct office (for
04 parcels they need to speak to Customer
is no one in the Customer Se
You need to find out what the
the office of the customer IS.
Role Card-07
7a. You want to stay at the Spring Waters Hotel in Hawaii for your next holiday. Before you make a booking, you want to ask the hotel
there a special price for families sports can you play weather good September Telephon the hotel to find out answers to your questions.

Sa. You nwt sonmonc new in your cIiss. You want to invite your rievI friend out for a coffee on Saturday. Telephone your friend and make a % date!
Sb. You met someone in your class but you didn’t really like them very much and you don’t want to be with them. outsid the class. Answer the telephone. Try to be polite but say ‘no’
Role Card.09
9a. You are going to miss a
. month of your English classes at Wordsworth Language School because you have to travel abroad for work. You want your teacher to mail you the homework and class work you will miss. Telephone the school and speak to your teacher. Leave a message if necessary.
9b. You work in the reception of the Wordsworth Language School.
Today all the teachers are away on a training course. Answer the telephone.
lOa. You need to talk to your bank manager, Mr Jones. You are not sure of the telephone number but think you have the right one. Telephone your bank. Ask to speak to Mr Jones

1. Never publicly disagree or argue with the mediator.
2. Never offend, disrespect, or insult another debater or mediator
3. Do not speak out of turn or interrupt another debater or mediator.
4. Present facts truthfully. Do not falsify or distort the facts.
5. Stay focused on the topic or question UP for debate.
6. Do not become emotional in your appeals.
7. Control your tone of voice.
8. Avoid quarreling and bickering. Do not point fingers at anyone.
9. Focus on the topic, not another debater or mediator
1O.Avoid personal attacks.
11. Do not discuss physical attributes or limitations.
. 1. City life is more comfortable than village life.
2. People should read more books and watch less TV.
3. After-school activities should be limited to allow more time for rest and
.. . . .
4. Kids should not get a celiphone until high school.
5. Access to the Internet should be a basic human right and available to
everyone, regardless of ability to pay.
6. Cell phones should be banned from all movie theatres.
7 Cats make better pets than dogs.
8. Animals should not be kept in zoos, aquariums, or wildlife parks.
Pizza toppings should be limited to certain items
9. Computers have made our lives easier.
10. Everyone should get eight hours of sleep a night.
11. Coffee is better than tea.
12. Newspapers are still important and should be supported even i’ the
Internet age.
13. Cold weather is better than hot weather.
  You work in a special garage as a mechanic. Your job is to repair sports cars. Answer the telephone.


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