F1ap it all up. That will suit you ! the zebra said. Yes, it will even

F1ap it all up. That will suit you ! the zebra said. Yes, it will even

look better with a bit of colour to match your moustache, the giraffe
: added. What about a few. ribbons?” the vulture asked. Then crjej the hyena . I know, a paper crown is what YOU need ! A snake was
passing by silently. Seeing the king there he sirnply.raised his head.
What do you think I shOuld do, snake? kingasked.

If a king is a wise Icing, nobody cares about’ his hairsty
. snake said with a hissing sound.
The king stared at the snake for some time. Then he smiled arid
Oh, why .arn I s? vain? Am I not the kingofthe jungle? roared th
lion.He shook his head from side to side to shake his mane back it d
. place From now on I promise to be a wise king and not bother
the lion roared.

1. First, take two slices of bread.
2. Spread the butter thinly on one side çf each slice.
3. Then, put a slice of cheese on the buttered side of thebread.
4. After that, put egg on top of the cheese.
5. Next, arrange slices of cucumber and one tomato on the egg.
6. Later, place the other slice of bread on top.
Your sandwich is ready now.
If YOU want,, you can cut the sandwich into two halves and serve.

ethpjc groups lil& Hajong .Garo, Achik and Mandi living here.
. The Birishiri Tribal Cultural Acadëmyis located at Durgapur. It is a centre for various cultural and educational activities of different
The main attraction of Birishiri is the ãeramic hill of Durgapur and the charming landscape along the Shomeshwari River. The river changçs its color as the seasons change. Among other attractions are the palace of the Susang king, the Dasha Busha Temple, Orange Gardens Shal forests and the Ramkrisna and Loknath Baba
The, best way to get to Birishiri is by road from Dhaka. You can find direct bus to Birishiri from Mohakhali bus stand, Dhaka. It usually takes to 6 hours to get there. When you are there you can go aroufld the town by rickshaws. The rickshaw pullers know all the places very well.