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R Little Ceaser Pizza, how can 1 help you


R Little Ceaser Pizza, how can 1 help you

R Little Ceaser Pizza, how can 1 help you?

R Restaurant worker C Caller
C: Hello. i’d like to make/place an order.
R: Okay. For pick-up or delivery?
C: Delivery please.
R: Can I have your address please?
C: 679 Wexford Street.
R: Is that a house or an apartment?
R: Great. What would you like?
C: I’ll have one large pizza.
R: Okay. Would you like any toping?
C: Yes, 1 want, black olive, mushroom, onion and green pepper.
R: Okay. Would you like anything to drink?
C: No, thanks That’s everything.

.—- r- - a V.‘
A: I’d like to reserve a hotel room.
B: That should be no problem. May I have your full name, please?
A: My name is John Sandals.
B: Hello, Mr. Sandals. My name is Michelle. What days do OU need
that reservation, sir?
A: i’m planning to visit New York from Friday, April 14 until Monday,
April 17.
B: Our room rates recently went up. Is that okay with you, Mr. Sandals?
A: How much per night are we talking about?
B: Each night will be $308.
A: That price is perfectly acceptable.

putthe learners into pairs.
If you can, organise pairs of chairs back to back. If not, ask learners to stand back to back. This means they cannot see their partners’ faces or gestUres.
Hand out pairs of role cards, e.g. la and ib, to each pair Demonstrate one situation with two volunteers ifyou wish.
Ask your learners to role-play each situation. Asthey finish one situation, take the cards back and give theni ahother. Don’t worry if some pairs finish quickly
- some situations are shorter than others.
Keep this rolling role-play going as long as you wish. Monitor and note mistakes or interesting language for discussion afterwards if you can.
Role Card-Ol

la. You need to telephone your doctor. You have an appointment on Tuesday the 3rd at 3.45 but you need to change it to Thursday the 5th at 3.00. On Monday 9th you are busy all day, but Tuesday 10th you


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