Read the following text and answer

Read the following text and answer the ‘question

People around the world are slowly changing their
More and more they are turning to natural cures.
natural things, most often herbs and plants. History says
remedies are nothing new. People used them all along in
. medicines were used in ancient civilizations like India,
and Rome. Some ancient treatment systems are still in
have come down through generations.
For a minor burn injury the doctor may prescribe you a
for the same, a rural grandma may put some aloe vera
children have
cold in our country, grandmas give them
to eat. And it works too. If you have a minor cut or wound,
some turmeric, marigold or aloe vera on it. Rural people
neem or turmeric tà cure skin problems. With experience
these remedie’s work. Moreover, they are easy to get, are
are without any.side effect.

Now choose the correct answer to each question from the alternatives given and write the corresponding number of the answers in your answer
the world are slowly changing their attitude toward

attitude towards medicine.
Natural cures are made of that natural or herbal different ages. Herbal China, Greece, Egypt, practice
. today. They

tube of ointment. But or use cold water. If honey and tulsi leaves
grown-ups may put usually use garlic, they have seen that cheap and most often

People medicine.
altitude belief

After completing the lesson students vj11 be able to,
I read and understand texts
. read and understand written instructions
 write questions and answers
write short paragraphs
Read the following dialogue.
Bahar, Azim, Salám and Shujan are class-mates. They are planning a vacation.
Bahar : We have a week’s vacation next week.
What should we do?
Azim : Let’s go somewhere we haven’t been before.
. t Salam : Right! I saw an ad for an .jnterestiflg place.
Hmm... well,hereitis!
Bahar : Let me see! Ah! A two day trip to Kuakata!
That sounds interesting! Look at the picture of
I the sea- beach and the sun rise! It looks fantastic!
. Azim : Well, I’ve always wanted to climb a mountain.
Why don’t we go
Ito the Chimbuk Mountains

Shujan : I’ve an idea! How about going to the Sunderbans?
. We can see some wild animals and can also
. take pictures of the forests and the sea.
. : Well . . . well . . . calm down everybody!
We can’t go to all the places and  all

the things at a time, right?
Salam . : Yeah. Let’s think about all the options and ‘then decide.