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Telephone the doctor’s clinic and speak to receptionist. Make a new appointment

Telephone the doctor’s clinic and speak to receptionist. Make a new appointment.
Telephone the doctor’s clinic and speak to receptionist. Make a new appointment.

lb. You are the receptionist at Medical centre, the doctor’s çlIj
have no free appointments Ofl Thursday 5th as the doctor will be awa that day. The next day the doctor is free is Monday 9th. Answer th telephone and help the patient make a new appointment.
Role Card-02
2a. You need to telephone your partner at his or her office. Yo planned to be home early today so you could go out for dinne together but you have to stay at work until very late. Telephone you partner’s office and tell him/her the bad news! Make sure you sa sorry.
2b. You work at Smith and Jones Publishing Limited, in an office witi one other person. He or she is in an important meeting and you an taking messages if anyone telephones. Answer the telephone and takf a message.
Role Card-03
3a. You need to telephone a flower shop and cider some flowers for friends who are having their 20th wedding anniversary. They love red roses. You want the flowers to be delivered to their house tomorrow. Telephone the shop and order the flowers. Don’t forget to include a message saying congratulations.
 have a free day. 

3b. You work it Lfloomii’it’, Wonderhil, the flower shop. One of your services is delivery of flowers ordered by telephone. Answer the telephone and take an order. Remember you need the address and details of the message. Don’t forget to ask what kind of flowers the customer would like.
Role Card-04
4a. You need to travel from London to Glasgow tpmorroW On urgent business. Your company has a travel advice section which can help you. You are not worried about the cost but you need to be in Glasgow by
‘I o’clock in the morning and travel back’to London in.the evening. Telephone the travel advice section and find out what the best way is totravel.
4b. You work in the travel advice section of your company. Your job is to help colleagues find the best way to travel. Answer the telephone. To help your colleague, you need this information: London to Glasgow by train, leaves 8.00, arrives 12.30. Returns to London in the evening. London to Glasgow by coach, leaves 7.00 arrives 15.00, returns to London next day London to Glasgow by air, leaves 7.30 arrives 8.45. Flights back to London all day.
Role Card-05
5a. You need to find out what the homework was from your last English class. As you missed it. Telephone your friend Joe and ask him/her to tell you about the class you missed and the horn ework.


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