Them global village’ was used by Marshal McLuhan

Them global village’ was: used by Marshal McLuhan. n.j
I j962 and .he wrote two books on media and communication.
In his books he said that telephone, TV and electronic India have
I brought ‘all mankind close to one another. For example, if we see the
news of floods in a distant country on
TV, we feel that we are also
there. We can see what is happening at the same moment.
We can share the same suffering with the people who are in the real’
at the moment.
McLuhan believed that electronic
would make the world a global village. When he first said
about the idea of global village, the Internet was not invented. But
now, personal computers and the Internet have made McLuhan’s idea
than ever. Now the entire globe is a
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Read the following text.
Hason Raja was born in 1854 in He did not receivemuch formal luxury. He had everything mon he understood that all these are properties. He started to think

hree well-known mystic bards of Bangladesh and in other Counfries Raja and Shah Abdul Karim.
a wealthy landlord’s family in Syihet. education. In his youth, he led a life of ey, comfort and pleasure. At one time meaningless. He gave away all of his deeply about the Creator, about life, wrote a lot of songs, perhaps about a called “Hason Udash’ was published in in it. In his Songs Hason calledhimseif

The above pictures are of the B anglade sh . They are famou S fl too. They arc Lalon Shah, Hason
A bard is one who writes poems and songs. And a mystic is One who tries to search the Truth and become united with God through prayer and meditation. All three bards wrote poems and songs to express their deep thoughts and feelings about God, life and love for man.
Today 3’ will read about the mystic poet Hason Raja.