Why is there demand for Bangladeshi workers


Why is there demand for Bangladeshi workers?

. Do you know what countries they work in?
. Can you guess why they don’t earn much money?
A huge number of Bangladeshies go abroad for jobs. There is always a high demand of workers in some foreign countries like UAE, Omam, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, etc. They like Bangladeshi workers because they are hard working. But this is a matter of regret that our workers are doing odd jobs. As a result they are not paid much. This is because our workers are not good at English, Arabic, or other languages. So we should develop language skills of our workers for the countries they go for work. If they can develop their language skills, they can get good jobs and send more money to our country. Thus the wage earners of our. country can help develop our economy.
Mrs Urmila Karlin is going to buy some clothes for her SO Irnran. They are now at a cIOtI1CS shop. Read the 9onversatjo between Iniran and the shop assistant.
Imran : Excuse me, where are the polO shirts?
Assistant : They’re over there in the boy’s section. Let me show you.
Tmran : Thanks. Do you have one withOUt a chain?
Assistant : Yes, quite a few, sir. What size do you wear?
Irnran : May be a medium?
Assiatant : Here you are! This one is in medium size.
Imran : A medium! But it’s too bi
Assistant : How about this? This is small.
Irnran : Yeah, I think this size is OK. Do you have it in a different colour?
Assistant : What colour. would.yOU like?
Jmran : Blue, I guess.
Assistant : Just a moment please, I’ll check. How about this one’? It’s a nice sky blue.
Tmran : Yes, this is a nice colour. Can I try this on?
Assistant : Sure! The trial room is at the back.
Imran : Thank you. It’s just perfect! How much is it?
Assistant : It’s Taka three hundred. This shirt is on sale this week.
lmran : Mom, can 1 buy this one?
Mom Sure, dear! Shall we go and pay at the cash counter?
Salesman : Yes, Ma’am. Would you follow me, please?
Complete the sentences using the words from the conversation in